Immigration Consultant in Fremont

We are amongst the top expanding immigration service provider in Fremont. We were founded on the premise of providing local immigration services in consultation with U.S laws. We specialize in assisting foreign nationals to immigrate to the U.S.We offer individualized personal service and attention to all immigrants, international workers, investors, entrepreneurs, students, and tourists.


Our special focus areas include:

  • An assistance in completing paperwork required for immigration, refugees and U.S citizenship
  • Information about point system for eligibility
  • Individual assessment for successfully immigrating to the U.S under the family class, independent immigrants, business class, skilled workers and special categories like nominee program.
  • written engagement (no hidden cost)
  • client confidentiality 
  • assisting in obtaining permanent residency status
  • As a consultant company in Fremont, we provide proper guidance and support for hassle-free completion of paperwork. Above mentioned permission in the U.S has a duration up to 6 years and are popular for companies wishing to bring staff for long term assignment in the U.S as it is quicker in comparison with applying for Green Card.

As an immigration service company we also provide:

a. Help petitioners for submitting temporary labor certification application to DOL

b. Help the petitioners in submitting forms 1-129 to USCIS

c. Get in touch with prospective workers outside U.S in applying for visa/admission

d. We also help the immigrants to work on Visa as we are always in touch with USCIS and as it grants /deny for extension of stay in U.S 

e. Get spouses of above Visa holder and children under 21 years for getting H-4 Visa.But they are not permitted to work in U.S.A

f. Duration for getting a Visa in U.S takes 150 -210 days for USCIS to process for individuals.

g.Right now  around 60000 plus Visas are issued annually in U.S


As a service provider we get the petitioner non immigrant H-3 Visa which allows for a national to enter U.S to receive training in U.S company but you may not come for graduate program or medical training. We help the immigrant for the following services.

a. In helping the immigrant to get the above permission provisions to qualify for the above Visa ,you must be coming to U.S to receive training in areas such as commerce,agriculture,government,professions,finance or industrial establishment. You should not be receiving a graduate medical education or training in U.S

b. Fee for the document is $ 460 and we smooth the passage for filling of form 1-129 for nonimmigrant workers to USCIS 

c. Visa holders can work for the employer that admitted hor or ger training programs and acting as petitioners for the above provision. Above provision can be approved for the length of time needed for workers to complete his or her training program.

As a service provider ,we are always a supporting agent for the petitioners till he or she get the work done.


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